Live for Today . . . Plan for Tomorrow . . . Party Tonight . . .

Comedy Tonight     Grand Opera House, Wilmington DE. Invitation for

Grand Gala. When pulled out, the black tie shown in the die cut changes to a clown tie and the invitation information unfolds from the insert panel.

Dahlia  Invitation to Wilmington Garden Center Grand Opening.

Illustration by KKing

These Boots are Made for Dancin'

Children & Families First benefit for annual Child's Play Gala

The Big Two OH!

Party in

the Park

Pop up invitation

celebrating the

20th anniversary

of Dupont's

product, Cyrel.

Kismet Wine Label (front and back), attached to bottles of rose wine and given as favors at a wedding.

Copy, written as a tongue in cheek wine review, describes the older couple's journey to the altar.

Chinese New Year party